Doner Kebab

Branding / Business Plan & Feasibility Study / Investment / Kitchen Design / Supply Chain

Doner Kebab is a dynamic kebab fast food retailer that maintains a totally classic healthy approach to traditional kebabs.

Aseel F&B provided a turnkey solution to Doner Kebab at its inception by creating the brand identity, establishing a strong supply chain, developing the store layout and kitchen design and drafting an investor memorandum based on detailed feasibility study that enabled them to secure seed stage investment.

Recently, Aseel F&B has worked with Doner Kebab to create their franchising model and secure a second round of investments as they grow operations globally.

Doner Kebab has achived 31 Stores in just 2 years in 8 countries and was named the Best Franchise in the Middle East by Hotelier Magazine in 2014.